An argument against animal experimentation in the united states

Opren This treatment for rheumatism and arthritis killed 61 people and caused 3, adverse reactions. Likewise, the laws that govern and regulate experimentation in the U.

First, contrary to popular belief, the acquisition of stem cells is no long solely dependent on human fetuses. The Animals Inspectorate is responsible for assessing applications for licenses and for inspecting work in progress to ensure compliance with ASPA, and each project must undergo an in-house ethical review process that usually involves a committee much like an IACUC.

Had it not been for our growing appendages on rats in controlled environments we would not have been able to examine the effects stem cells would have on the body.

Yet as long as drugs are tested on animals, serious side effects in humans are inevitable. By contrast, Europe has recently moved to protect cephalopods in light of their manifest intelligence and sentience.

For example, dozens of treatments for stroke have been developed in primates but all of them have failed in humans and harmed people in clinical trials. Medications act on a microscopic level, initiating or interrupting chemical reactions that are far too small for the human eye to observe.

Given these goals, what sort of regulatory scheme would be best at realizing them. For more detail, see Carbone, What Animals Want, p.

Fact Sheet: Cosmetic Testing

Of course, this is exactly what might be expected given the incredible volume and variety of animal research in the United States. Empowering IACUCs to engage in such balancing is hardly radical; IRBs, for example, are already empowered to engage in such balancing in the human subjects research area, and this has not caused research to grind to a halt.

Estimates for the total number of animals used in research worldwide hover around million to million, while estimates for the U. In fact, after the video of the felony was released for viewing by the masses, the head of the NIH released a statement saying that the thefts of animals by animal rights groups could be considered acts of terrorism.

Cervical dislocation breaking the neck or spine may be used for birds, mice, and immature rats and rabbits.

U.S. Law and Animal Experimentation: A Critical Primer

In these cases, companies laud the predictability of animal studies and claim that their products are safe for humans. Currently there are several layers of oversight of animal research, which are outlined below.

No experiment, no matter how painful or trivial, is prohibited—and painkillers are not even required. Alok Jha, a physics graduate from Imperial College London and science correspondent for The Guardian, states that these new stem cells are actually derived from adult skin cells, which are then coaxed into mutating into whatever type of cell the researcher wishes to observe.

Scientists studying how animals evolve use many animal species to see how variations in where and how an organism lives their niche produce adaptations in their physiology and morphology. Much like animals, fetuses lack the ability to speak for themselves, lack the ability to argue against their destruction before they are even aware of the fact they are about to have their lives terminated.

Over half the primates imported between and were handled by Charles River Laboratoriesor by Covancewhich is the single largest importer of primates into the U. This appeal to emotions is fallacious as it removes any desire in the reader to think logically about stem cell research.

It is precisely these differences which have an impact when it comes to assimilating drugs. The result is that any study that will advance science, even in a very small way, can be used to justify tremendous amounts of animal suffering, as long as the suffering is necessary to the advance.

Human clinical and epidemiological studies, human tissue- and cell-based research methods, cadavers, sophisticated high-fidelity human-patient simulators, and computational models have the potential to be more reliable, more precise, less expensive, and more humane alternatives to experiments on animals.

Such a reform would require us to confront directly the question of how much suffering humans can impose on other species in return for small but real gains in knowledge.

If research facilities could work with researchers to use healthy animals from one study in another, rather than default to their euthanization, then fewer animals would need to be bred for suffering. The personal license also dictates the individual's level of supervision and outlines the specific guidelines on the use of anesthetics, drugs, animal husbandry, and so forth that must be followed.

It causes death by a concussion to the brain. Without a doubt, PETA is a very influential organization that fights for a valiant cause. No cardiac, renal [kidney] or central nervous system [side effects] in any species. Granted, they may be. Such people are often portrayed as wishing to sacrifice medical progress to avoid animal suffering.

Video footage from inside laboratories shows that many animals cower in fear every time someone walks by their cage. Its animal experimentation regulations apply to any school or research facility that purchases or transports live animals in interstate commerce or that receives federal funding.

But in fact the law has never reached the bulk of warm-blooded animals actually used in research. Arguments Against Animal Testing That Everyone Should Know About Animal Experimentation Pros and Cons.

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Animal Testing Is Bad Science: Point/Counterpoint

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"Reduce, refine, replace: The failure of the three R's and the future of animal experimentation." U. Chi. Legal F, Some research animals may come from relatively regulated companies such as Charles River or Interfauna, based in countries like the United States, England, or Spain.

Other animals, such as monkeys, more often come from international suppliers that operate in. An Argument Against the Experimentation and Cruelty of Animals in the United States.

words. 2 pages. Animal Experimentation Should be Abolished. 1, words. 4 pages. An Argument in Favor of Animal Experimentation. 4, words. 9 .

An argument against animal experimentation in the united states
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Arguments Against Animal Testing That Everyone Should Know About