Melinda sordino s characteristics

Neck is forced to give ground or lose his job. Melinda actually has several friends before she becomes a high school student. She has not told anyone about the rape, however, and her classmates loathe her for calling the police on the party, while her parents and teachers are disappointed and angered by her sudden depression and apathy.

Rachel and and every other person she has known for nine years now continue to ignore her and makes her feel lonely pp. She gets it from her teacher, Mr. The encouragement makes Melinda have a courage to tell the truth about her rape to Rachel. I feel the frozen stillness melt down through the inside of me, dripping shards of ice that vanish in a puddle of sunlight on the stained floor.

Melinda also hates her and she does not believe the fact that Rachel is her best friend p.

Here’s the Thing

The first part is the description of Melinda Sordino before she gains her bravery to face her trauma from people around her and the second part is description of Melinda Sordino after she gains her bravery to face her trauma.

For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: IT pulls away from me, puzzled. She tries to open new topic about what Rachel is doing and recalling their childhood experience and both are laughing.

The changes are in some aspects like disposity, personality, and outlook. She hands over the picture and Mr. Oh my God, Are you OK????????.

Interesting Facts About Melinda Sordino

While she is silent and cold on the outside, Melinda has a rich interior life. Heather is the new girl in town who has yet to learn of Melinda's outcast status.

However, before she is successful to talk about the rape, her parents alreadyleave the room p. She quickly sees the division of cliques in high school and humorously describes the teachers based on their quirks.

Voice Melinda is the first person narrator of Speak. Melinda also becomes popular after she gains her bravey to fight against Andi Evans.

David Petrakis challenges the way Mr. Throughout the year, several minor events led up to her coming forward about her rape. He is the subject of ridicule and not really a fully fleshed out character. She tries harder to tell the truth to her parents but she feels the snowball in her throat grows larger.

Blog. 18 December Prezi Awards The best presentations have arrived; 5 December Do this, not that: Keynote speech; 28 November Enhance your Prezi presentations with ,+ new images and icons. Speak is set in Syracuse, New York, in the specific neighborhood and school-Merryweather High School-of Melinda Sordino in the present day.

Character List.

What are some characteristics of Melinda Sordino in Speak?

Melinda Sordino She is a sophomore in Merryweather High School, Syracuse, New York. She is terribly unhappy, because she is the victim of a vicious rape, and so spends her entire ninth-grade year trying to come to terms with what happened.

Melinda, a high school freshman, is the protagonist in Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak. The summer before starting high school, she was raped by a senior student, Andy Evans.

How to Describe the Main Characters from

The summer before starting high school, she was raped by a senior student, Andy Evans. Melinda Sordino. A round character changes throughout the story.

And she goes from depression and not speaking to new beginnings and healing. What did Melinda get for Christmas in the novel Speak? Melinda Sordino S Characteristics.

The Progression of Melinda Sordino Melinda Sordino, the main character in Laurie Halse Anderson’s award winning novel, Speak, is a 9th grade student attending Merryweather High. In a flashback it is discovered by the reader that Melinda, Mel for short.

The first physical description of Melinda emphasizes her lips, which are in bad condition because she is continually biting them. As a traumatized adolescent girl who has been sexually assaulted.

Melinda sordino s characteristics
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Who is the narrator in the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson